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This Website is about how we can improve social relations between us human beings.

Dolphins are our logo, because dolphins are especially known for their social and communicative abilities.

We want to move away from the logic of war and towards a culture of communication and cooperation - may the dolphins accompany us  on that way!

 We part with the fossil tradition of stone walls and cruelties.

We want to live in a culture of openness and responsibility! 

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Concretely it is a matter of a kind of initiation rituals through telepathy which are generally known but nevertheless kept secret. 



Do you remember? Do you remember the day when your life turned suddenly into an absurd kafkaesque spectacle? 
When a telepathic connection was forced onto you against your will and people around you started to treat you strangely? 




Or are you yourself being subject to a forced telepathic connection right now and suffering pain and disappointments  -  done to you intentionally because of a ritual for adulthood?           ->  Inside the Ritual




We are talking here about rituals that are commonly well known but kept secret and which are performed on young people and adults. 

These rituals are being performed by means of telepathy (communication between minds) and social role play. 

The power over the technique of telepathy is owned by organizations which are also kept secret. Therefore they evade any transparent democratic control and legal responsibility.



The existence of telepathy has been proved in many scientific experiments. These experiments took place under strictly controlled laboratory conditions and show repeatable and significant results  (Radin 1997; 2006). An experiment by Prof. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum, published in 1994 in Physics Essays 7, pp. 422 – 428, received wide acclaim in the scientific community. Physicists and experts on “para”normal phenomena proceed on the assumption that telepathy works using effects on the quantum level.      more




Scientific literature on the existence of telepathy:

  • Dean Radin: The Conscious Universe, NY 1997  and  Entangled Minds, NY 2006.
  • Laura Oteri (Hg.): Quantum Physics and Parapsychology, New York 1975
  • The Grinberg-Zylberbaum experiment in: Physics Essays 7, 1994, pp. 422-428
  • Dr. Dr. Walter von Lucadou: Dimension PSI, Fakten zur Parapsychologie, Ullstein List 2003  (in german language)
  • Dr. Dr. Walter von Lucadou: PSI-Phänomene, Frankfurt/Main (in german language)  




Elefantenauge Do you also remember the rituals for your brother, your nice or your own children?
Do you remember the emotional pain caused by the ritual, the desperation and powerlessness? Do you remember the disappointment and anger, because no one, not a single one (!) had the heart to tell you the truth or to stand by you?      




In deed these rituals violate the human rights of the persons concerned:

They violate the dignity of human beings, the freedom of the person, the right to physical integrity, and they breach the prohibition of cruel or humiliating treatment.


We consider the rituals in their actual form to be undemocratic and dangerous, for the  following reasons:


  • The secrecy concerning the ritual and the organizations inhibits a collective public debate on a question as important as the socialization of young persons by means of the ritual.
  • Transparent democratic control of the secret telepathy organizations is not possible.
  • The human rights of the persons being initiated are violated in grave ways. 
  • The alleged aim of the ritual is the ethical improvement and strengthening of character of the initiatee. But as the methods of the ritual consist in humiliation, exclusion and torment, they increase the risk that the initiatees are traumatized,repress their experience and act it out later by humiliating and ostracising others.   The opposite of the wanted learning goal is effected.
  • Practising the ritual establishes ethical double standards: The rules of the ritual make it acceptable to mistreat individuals emotionally – so why should it not also be acceptable in other cases as well? 
  • These habitual double standards should be replaced by an open public discussion about ethics, emotions and education.
  • The secrecy concerning the telepathy ritual leads to a kind of schizophrenic public consciousness for the whole society. The basic right to free speech and the principles of public democratic control are selectively ousted in favour of the telepathy organizations. Political and social contexts in which the telepathy organizations play a role cannot be discussed publicly. It is possible that a collective denial of this kind and magnitude can increase the development of collective neurosis. Collective neurotic behaviour can express itself in mobbing, addictive behaviour, xenophobia up to warmongering and genocide.
  • The progress of common public knowledge is obstructed, especially in the areas of emotions and psychology, as well as about the ritual and so called parapsychological phenomena.
  • Public debate in sciences is substantially restricted.


Thus the ability of society to develop is markedly diminished.            

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Therefore we want to hand in a petition to the German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag), with the following demands


  1. Facilitation and fostering of public debate on content, goals and methods of the rituals that have so far been kept secret and the organisation/s performing them. What is meant are kinds of initiation rituals, generally known about but nonetheless kept secret, carried out on young persons and adults by means of telepathy and social role play.
  2. To enable this debate to take place, we call for a legal framework to make the entire issue of telepathy rituals and telepathy organizations a matter for debate in the public sphere.
  3. Statutory regulations on transparent democratic control of the telepathy/ritual organization/s in question that are kept secret at present.
  4. A full inquiry into the actual effects of the ritual on the individual and society and its risks by a number of independent teams of experts. The results are to be made generally accessible and a broad public debate is to be facilitated.
  5. The formulation of alternatives that support development of the personality of young persons and adults from the ethical point of view and in terms of their self-responsibility and without the risks of traumatisation and repression. Both broad sections of the public and relevant experts should be involved in the development of these alternatives.








You can read the full text of the petition with detailed reasons here.


If you wish to sign the petition, you can download the form for signing here.


If you sign and you are not a German citizen, your signature is beneficial anyways and will be seen as an expression of solidarity.


We welcome similar initiatives in your own country. If you wish to communicate for this purpose, go to contact.  


Or just discuss the issue in our forum!