Plasma-lamp         Scientific Evidence for Telepathy       


The existence of telepathy has been proven in many scientific experiments. The experiments took place under strictly controlled laboratory conditions and show repeatable and significant results (Dean Radin 1997, 2006).

It is not the task of this web site to participate in the endless discussion about the question, if these scientific results are reliable and meaningful or not.


For people who are interested we present here a few experiments and name some literature on this topic.


We appeal to the readers to look honestly and deeply into their memories. There you will find personal experiences with natural telepathy as well as the recollection of your own telepathy-initiation-ritual.





Experiment by Prof. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum




Ganzfeld experiment at the University of Edinburgh, GB




Measurements with spatially separated twins




The telepathical experiences by René Warcollier




Physical explanations for telepathy




State of research 2008: Dean Radin, PhD





A. Experiment by neurophysiologist Prof. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum  

    (Prof. Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum et. al., University of Mexico, published in 1994 in Physics Essays 7, S. 422-428.)



After meditating together for twenty minutes the two test persons were taken to two semi-silent and electromagnetically shielded rooms, situated at a distance of 45 feet. Each person was connected to a EEG to measure their electrical brain activity. Both persons were resting in a relaxed position with semi-closed eyes and should try to remain in direct mental contact. Person A then was exposed to one hundred flashes of light in randomly chosen intervals. Person B in the other distant room didn‘t know when those flashes were lighting up. For the purpose of control there were also randomly chosen EEG recordings without flashes of light.


Thereafter the two persons‘ recordings were compared. The experiment was done with a total of seven pairs of probands. It showed that in about 25% of cases the electrical activity in the brain of person B, who had not seen a flash of light himself, reacted simultaneously very similar to person A‘s brain activity, who really had seen a flash of light. The striking similarity of the directly evoked potential of person A to the transferred potential of person B was clearly visible in the EEG patterns. The measurements at times when no flashes occurred showed no transferred potentials in person B.

The results show that a purely mental transfer of information between the two persons must have happened, not using ordinary senses. 




B. Ganzfeld Experiment at the University of Edinburgh, GB

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C. Measurements with spatially separated twins

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D. The telepathical experiences by René Warcollier

    (Video at the Website of the Institut Métapsychique International (IMI), Paris: drawings by senders and receivers; explanations in french)





René Warcollier (1881-1962) was a pioneer of the qualitative research on telepathy. Over long periods of time  -  up to ten years  -  he practiced with different groups of probands to telepathically communicate complex content. The content was documented in the form of drawings. Sender and receiver sometimes were in separated rooms or at times on different continents. At a previously agreed on time the sender chose an image and transmitted it telepathically to the receiver, then the sender drew the image. The receiver was supposed to concentrate on the sender without distraction at that agreed on time and note which images he/she had received and then draw them. Both of them then sent their drawings by post to ensure following of the protocol.


Numerous congruences between the drawings of senders and receivers can be recognized. Drawings in the beginning without training have 20% congruences, with continued training there were even 50% congruences and more.



E. Physical explanations for telepathy


Telepathy and related phenomena like remote viewing and telekinesis are possible even with electromagnetic shielding. Therefore physicists assume that these phenomena use effects of quantum physics. Quanta are smallest entities which can be described both as particles and as waves, like photons or electrons. The behavior of these fundamental particles on a quantum level in relation to space, time and possibility is very different from what we are used to in bigger classical physical objects. Relevant for telepathy is especially quantum entanglement, that was experimentally confirmed by Alan Aspect in 1981. It means that two fundamental particles which have interacted and then are separated remain even over large distances in some way informationally and non-locally connected. (Penrose, Roger (1994), pp. 246-249).


For detailed explanation of the basics of quantum physics and the possibility of quantum coherent states in the human brain see:


  • Roger Penrose: Shadows of the mind, Oxford University Press 1994, (especially pp. 237-347 (quantum theory) und pp. 348-392 (quantum entanglement and brain))
  • Dean Radin: Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, NY 2006
  • Walter von Lucadou,  Römer, H. & Walach, H.: Synchronistic phenomena as entanglement correlations in generalized quantum theory. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 14, 2007, 50-74
  • Laura Oteri(Hg.): Quantum Physics and Parapsychology, New York 1975




F. Survey of the state of research on psi phenomena 2008: Dean Radin, PhD 

    (Video: "Science and the taboo of psi" at GoogleTechTalks)


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In a lecture at GoogleTechTalks Dean Radin gives a well-founded compendium about the current state of research on psi phenomena. In countless scientific experiments and metaanalyses the existence of the phenomena telepathy, clairvoyance and presentiment has been sufficiently proven. The experiments in this field have reached a level of outmost precision and reliability in the last hundred years, effects are repeatable.

Dean Radin also analyses the causes of the taboo, with which this branch of research is confronted in the media and sciences. 


You can find an elaborate and substantiated account of scientific research on psi phenomena in Dean Radin's books:


Dean Radin: The Conscious Universe. The Scientific Truth of Psychic   Phenomena, NY 1997

(identical with new preface under the title: The Noetic Universe, London 2009)

Dean Radin: Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, NY 2006