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You can support this action in the following ways:


  • sign the petition:   print the form, sign, preferably collect more signatures and send them to the given address. Even if you are not a german citizen your signature will be very welcome and regarded as showing symbolic support for the project. 
  • contribute informations and ideas to our cause
  • make the website and the project known through conversations, setting links, publicity in the media
  • organize your own actions. Send us informations about your actions and we can publish them on this Website ( -> contact).
  • translate the text of the petition into other languages and make your translation available to us. The reasoning in this text can serve as a basis for a broad discussion.


Questions or opinions about this project or personal questions         -> contact







Why didn‘t we register a public online-petition on the Website of the German parliament  (Deutscher Bundestag) ?


For online-petitions on the Website of the parliament there is a time limit of six weeks for co-signing. We want to collect as many signatures as possible without any time limit. So we collect them in the traditional way of signatures on paper. We ask for your understanding for the somewhat more circuitous sending by post.











Five Questions to the Already Initiated


We appeal to the reader to look honestly and deeply into his/her memory. There you will find the recollection of your own telepathy initiation ritual.


We appeal to you, to honestly pose to yourself the questions which are being raised on this Website:


  1. Can a tradition justify massive disregard of human rights, just because it is a tradition?
  2. What are the psychological risks of the ritual methods, that consist in rejection, humiliation, ostracism,  and experiences of pain and frustration?
  3. does world politics with its wars, dictatorships, social exclusion and greed support the hypothesis, that the ritual does improve the character?
  4. What are the enormous consequences of keeping the telepathy-ritual secret on society? / What consqu has keeping...? 
  5. How is this secrecy